Halloween 2018 is Oh so Close!

Halloween is always a breath away in Salem – usually ready to take your breath away. The Fountain Stage is in its 19th year of live local music on the streets of Salem. This year it will be surrounded by Dream Interpreters and Healing Booths with friends from nearby and around the nation. Please check out our calendar of music events to coordinate your visit to our hauntingly beautiful city with the music and entertainment you enjoy best.

October 6-7 is Black and Blues Weekend with Rock and Blues acts organized by Ronnie Deschenes
October 13-14 is String Me Up weekend with local acoustic singer/songwriters led by Paul Duffy
October 26-28 is The Electric Ghost, a dance and Electronica/DJ weekend with all kinds of spooky fun.

This is an all volunteer local stage, and if you would like to help support the cause, please see our support links in the right hand column.


The Ghastly Gazette Hits the Press!

A new addition, or a trial addition, to the Fountain Stage is The Ghastly Gazette. Here is the first volume first edition of the soon to be famous one page paper. Of course, it might become as famous as the uncle you never knew, and might never happen again.

The Ghostly Gazette 1.1

Halloween begins on Sunday, Oct. 1st!

In Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween is a monthlong experience, but for the The Fountain Stage it is a little longer. It begins on Saturday the 30th. The stage goes live with music sponsored by Dweller Records this weekend. Check out the schedule on the stage schedule page, and come join us for live music on the streets of Salem this weekend.

Another Year in the (Candy)Bag

dsc_5535October has passed. Over a dozen a cappella groups performed live on the streets. Salem saw it’s first late night outdoor Silent Disco. Purgatorium 1 brought Dicenso and Clarke Expedition into town. Mamadou rocked the final set of the year once again. Paul Duffy anchored a troupe of talented locals. Scores of Dream Interpreters, and Spiritual Reading teams from local churches, and places like North Carolina, Maine, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and the UK filled the Fountain Square with everything from Free Hugs to free spiritual counsel. Through it all, we all survived another 31 days of Halloween in the Halloween capitol of the world.

To everyone who helped make this month happen once again. Thanks! Special shout outs to Papy Fisher and the whole Desanka gang from Cary, North Carolina; BlacKat Productions with Sarah Blacker and Aaron Katz; Paul Duffy and Donna Landry of Boondock Sinners; Elena Rodgers and her Silent Disco dream; The Love Project; Global Outreach; Tina Jordan and the Haunted Harmonies A Cappella Festival Crew; The Bridge in Essex; Kozmo Hayes from Marblehead Party Rentals; and most notably – Paul Dodos of Dodo Bird Productions, the hardest working, kindest guy on the plant this Halloween.

To our sponsors who are scattered across the city and even the country – your dollars and even your pennies helped us create another year of magic in Salem. Eastern Bank, Dr. Gaddipatti, WAAF radio thank you. See you all soon! Halloween in Salem is never far away.


Boondock Sinner’s took over the Stage October 15th

dsc_5506Here are a few shots from October 15th. The Boondock Sinners took over the stage and with their friends and ran a great show all day and all night.

In the square around the fountain WAAF radio joined us, as did Global Outreach and Desanka. This was one of the most crowded weekends I have seen in years, and the Fountain Stage was alive with fun the entire time.

For more information on the coming two weeks of good events see our schedule page.

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