Great Things on the Way for October in Salem!

Thank you to all the supporters and to the helpful local businesses who are making this year’s Fountain Stage be the best ever!

Salem Witch Museum
David and Sandi Chai Brown
Robert Watson-Hemphill
Dr. Krishna Gaddipatti
Eastern Bank
Most of the Businesses at the Museum Place Mall
Salem Vintage Photography
Witch Tee’s
Thai Place
Bewitched in Salem
Big Sal’s
A Sacred Place
Coldwell Banker
Village Tavern
…and more I will still be visiting and talking to soon.

Chamber of Commerce
Destination Salem
Ellen Talkowsky – The Queen of Halloween!

Change can be exciting and fun! Especially when it is a win-win for everyone, and nobody gets the shaft. Of course, not everyone likes change, even if it benefits them. But, that’s part of the growing pains of making Salem even greater than it is!

I hope I am not forgetting anyone, because the list is growing larger by the day!


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