Snowfall Prediction Raffle – Beauty is Better than Bullhorns!

IMG_2312The Salem Halloween Fountain Stage is thinking ahead to next year already, and we are starting now to raise the money to make October 2016 the best year ever. Join us for the Snowfall Prediction Raffle! We are calling this Beauty is Better than Bullhorns, because we hope to help fill Essex Street with art, music and intellectually stimulating programming throughout the entire month.

This is how the raffle works: a five dollar entry allows you to compete for the prize of 50% of the money up to $250 (because that is the Massachusetts legal limit), and meals for 2 at Bambolina or Comida. Your prediction should be to the 1/10th of an inch.

The average yearly snowfall in Salem is 40.8 inches. Last year we had 110.6 inches. What do you think this year’s snowfall will be? Are we in for another slammin’ Winter? Will California’s El Niño season set us up for a cold dry Winter, or a wild stormy Winter? Enter your prediction, and simultaneously support next year’s Fountain Stage in the secure Paypal link in the right hand column. In the prediction box below enter your prediction to the 1/10th of an inch (i.e. 326.3)*, and you will be entered for the prizes, while helping bring beauty to the streets. Remember Beauty is Better than Bullhorns!

$5 entry for Beauty is Better than Bullhorns Snowfall Prediction Raffle!

*326.3 represents the average yearly snowfall in Valdez, AK. You thought we had it bad!


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